Friday, 8 June 2007

He dared review the Goddess

This mortal dared review The Goddess of Football. I'm not sure if the Goddess allows such pertinence so I have reported this matter to the Goddess and I am awaiting further instructions. The Goddess is at the moment visiting Football Chat Rooms to reveal herself to mortals and will not be attending to this matter until HER visit concludes. SHE has sent me a note about Becks, his latest come-back success and the substantial part that SHE, HERSELF played in Becks' and England's triumph over Estonia. The latter will be published here soon. If you wish to read about the Goddess's trip to Football Chat Rooms see He dared criticise the Goddess's web design skills! Somebody tell him, The Goddess HERSELF, does not care for web design and only plays a dictatorial role in this blog. Myself, the Goddess of Football's servant, I feel that clever design, anything with razzmatazz or overly slickness would detract from HER WORDS. I await the Goddess's judgment on this matter and have prepared to take a web design course (just in case).