Saturday, 2 June 2007

Welcome Losers and Losers

Welcome sad Mortal Men, supporters of the game "Football", wrongly known in America as "Soccer". I am the only true Goddess of Football. Follow me and you will be rewarded with football glory. Turn your back on me, deny my existence and you will lose and suffer humiliation. It's as simple as that oh sad, ridiculous, smelly Mortal Men. IMPORTANT: HURRY! TELL ALL LEEDS SUPPORTERS ABOUT THIS BLOG. TELL MILWALL SUPPORTERS, SUPPORTERS OF CRYSTAL PALACE, BAGGIES AND WOLVES FANS (AND OTHER LOSERS) TO READ THIS BLOG. IF THEY CAN DISCOVER THE GODDESS AND SERVE HER, ADHERE TO HER RULES AND DO WHATEVER SHE TELLS THEM, THEY WILL BE SAVED MUCH ANGUISH AND SADNESS IN THE NEXT FOOTBALL SEASON.

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